The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me . This is my journey of making a crazy quilt for the Pintangle 2020 crazy quilt challenge.

This is my first block, bearing in mind that this is the first time I have attempted crazy quilting. Ime going to make a list underneath each completed block of all the materials, stitches , techniques and embellishments that I have used.

The challenge is to try to get to 2020 items by the end of 2020. Ime going to have a jolly good try!

I will do this more as a diary so that I can keep a record of this challenge.

I have used the hexagon as the block shape.

Block 1

close up photo of the flower sequins.

This above photo above shows my attempt at a button cluster

Block 1 count


5 different cotton fabrics

Ribbons and laces

Deep purple lace

Narrow purple ribbon

Narrow pale purple ribbon

Ribbon bow embellishment

Stitches and seam combinations were

French knnot




Threaded runningstitch

Lazy daisy

Buttons beads and hard embellishments

Large pink plastic round jewels

Double row of pearl beads threaded onto pearl thread.

Large purple and silver button.

Three flower buttons different colours.

Three tiny round buttons different colours.

Purple heart

Pale pink jewel heart pale pink seed beads.

Piece of lace with beaded flower applique.

Pink bugle beads

Star motif purple sequins and beads

Dark purple beads.

Pale pink beads.

Flower sequins large

Flower sequins small beaded.

Threads used.

Metallic thread thick

Stranded cottons

Sewing cotton

Block 1 total = 33 Running total 33


Block 2


Block 2

Fabrics used.

Four different coloured cotton fabrics

Ribbons and laces

Purple satin for flowers

Orange dotty

Narrow pink dotty grosgrain

Ric rac

Stitches and seam combinations

Lazy daisy and French knots over blanket stitch

Zig zag detatched chain

Straight stitch over stem with single strand detached chain

Woven heart motif

Chain stitch

Guilloch stitch with sequins held by french knots

Feather stitch

Shisha stitch and pistol stitch woven

Buttons beads and hard embellishments

Pink metallic butterfly sequin

Green leaves sequins

Shisha mirror pink

Wooden buttons

Soft embellishments

Felt flowers with wooden buttons

Threads used

Stranded cotton not counted

Ribbon already counted


Ribbon work


Total block count 24 Running total 57

Block 3


Block 3

Fabrics used

2 cotton fabrics

Ribbons and laces

One purple satin ribbon bow

One velvet

Pink organza

Lace flowers with french knots as centres

Stitches and seam combinations

Cross stitch

Blanket in combination with daisy and french knot centres

Whipped back stitch

Herringbone already counted

Threaded blanket stitch

Chain and running already counted

Herringbone with lazy daisy flowers

Combination of french knots straight stitch and detached chain over threaded straight stitch over velvet ribbon seam

Buttons beads and hard combinations

Four different coloured buttons Two flowers already counted

Oval flat bead and small black beads to make the beetle.

white flat beads with tiny pearl stoppers used to hold riches organza flowers.

Silver diamante love from old bracelet

Red heart button

Red flower button

Metal butterfly with blue stone from old jewellery

Sequins already counted

Coloured wooden beads with seed bead stoppers.

Threads used

Stranded cottons already counted

Total block count 25 Running total 82


Block 4

Block 4

Fabrics used

7 fabrics used including purple silk from tie lining

Ribbon and laces

Variegated blues ric rac

White stretchy lace

Turquoise and white braid

White cotton lace

Pink spotty ribbon already used not counted

Pink satin ribbon

Stitches and seam combinations

Blue beads over lace and ribbon

Metallic thread woven into cotton lace with beads below each point of the lace

blue beads in fours holding ric rac down

Button beads and hard embellishments

Button cluster containing 8 buttons

Heart leaf

Turquoise and silver bead

Clear beads

Pink and metallic hand bag

Ribbon Rose’s stitched down

Two appliqued butterfly motifs

One small pink button

Threads used

Pink metallic not counted already used

Total block count 30 Running total 112


Block 5
Block 5


10 cotton fabrics different

Ribbons and laces


Stitches and seam combinations

Chain stitch vines with quarter button hole wheel flowers

Turquoise quarter buttonhole wheel with beads and fly stitch

Blue beads threads onto detached chain stitch

Pistol stitch and detached chain flower with gold bead centre

Buttonholed stem stitch with bead centres

Herringbone stem and french knot and green bead seam

Nylon tubing couched with gold work thread

Chain stitch vines with green beaded vines lazy daisy flowers with red bead centres

Button hole wheels with sequins centres chain stitch circles with french knot centre

Whipped spider web stitch

Half buttonhole work in gold work thread and stranded cotton

Buttons beads and hard embellishments

Sequins not counted already used

Gold beads

Green beads large and small

Blue beads

Red beads

Threads used

Stranded cottons not counted

Pearl thread thick

Goldwork thread

Nylon tubing

Total block count 28 Running total 140

Block 6

Block 6


Fabrics used

Six fabrics including silk tie

Ribbon and laces

Brown grosgrain spotted ribbon

Narrow red satin ribbons

Stitches and seam combinations

Chain stitch threaded with back stitch then gold metallic thin thread threaded into the stitches

Running stitch threaded up and down with beads above

Narrow red ribbon couched with sequins and seed beads with rows of seed beads below and a detached chain stitch heavy chain stitch threaded set of three hanging beads like tassles

Fly stitch stitched very wide like a braid with beads sewn down the middle

Threaded fly stitches

Feathers stitch vines with detatched chain leaves and bullion knots

Straight stitch lazy daisy and large and small bead combination

Buttons beads and hard embellishments

One apple button

Flat red and gold plastic disc couched with red thread

Flat red and gold plastic disc couched down with red button and beads

Flower bead

Wooden beads

With black seed bead centre

White button with sequin and red beads

Green flower glitter button

Red faceted beads large and small

Tassel beads blue two

Blue bugle bead metallic square bead

Black millfiore bead

Threads used

Stranded cottons not counted

Total block count 28 Running total 168

Block 7
Block 8